Game Design & Development


Unannounced Project

Game and level designer on unannounced VR project.

PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift.


A twin stick shooter about a red and a blue jet of fire destroying waves of opponents.

Design Goals
• Explosive “game feel” and “Juice.”
• Unique gameplay built around two analogue sticks.
• Pick up and play arcade gameplay.

Learning Outcomes
• Designing effective game loops.
• Dealing with depth vs. complexity.
• Designing for accessibility.

Babel: Tower to the Gods

Babel is a charming physics based puzzle VR game. On this project I was responsible for level formatting and design, QA and general game design.

Design Goals
• Design and curate engaging VR puzzles.
• Create puzzles of the correct difficulty throughout the game.
• Design content that was cohesive with work of other designers.

Learning Outcomes
• Designing effectively in VR space.
• Understanding and building on another designers work.
• Understanding source control and studio mind-set.

Electric Kinship

A twin stick co-op endless arcade game about a two nodes connected by a lethal electrified beam of energy.

Design Goals

• Design a tutorial that explains the gameplay without text.
• Create “wow” moments that reward and Inspire cooperative play.
• Design around the theme of “electricity.”

Learning Outcomes

• Collaboration between a small team of artists and programmers.
• Advantages of creating co-op arcade experiences vs single player.
• Learning what features to prioritize during a short development cycle.

• Studio Gobo Game Gig hosted by Teesside university grand prize winner.
• Exhibited at EGX Rezzed 2018 by Teesside university.

Programming - Henry Bell
Art - Cameron Dean
Design and UI - Oliver William Walker

Game Jam Gallery

Oliver has taken part in many game jams over the years, below are some of his favourites.

Mission Transmission

A fast-paced minimalist FPS with a twist!

Design Goals
• Create a game with around the theme "Transmission".
• Create an accessible "pick up and play" experience.

Learning Outcomes
• Using genre conventions to create a simple quick tutorial for players.
• Developed an understand design by abstraction.


A psychedelic bizarre action game about a flying skull who shoots lasers.

Design Goals
• Create compelling aerial combat.
• Explore a bizarre aesthetic a unique gameplay experience.

Learning Outcomes
• Conveying a unique control scheme quickly.
• Capturing a unique game tone.


A strategic satirical choice game about deciding the fate of the world.

Design Goals
• Create compelling gameplay choices for players.
• Design a balanced choices for multiple factions perspectives.

Learning Outcomes
• Handling a strategic player choices and making them impactful.
• Collaboration with games writers.

About Me.

Oliver Walker is a multidisciplinary designer with creative flair and undying passion. Currently Oliver is working full time as a game designer at JAW Ltd. When not designing games he can often be found playing Dungeons and dragons, watching 80’s movies or watching something on the GDC Vault. Oliver has been making video-games for six years and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon!

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